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Lightspot has a big breakthrough of high cost-effective HTCC ceramic membrane technology,some part of the high power products (LCBR3737) import HTCC ceramic substrate thin film technology and start mass production

Ceramic thin film technology

Sintered silver thick film technology

The ceramic COB LED substrate now are all with HTCC sintering silver thick film technology,This process has the characteristics of low cost,But because use silver material,the applied area is limited and also reduce the lifespan。In an environment of high oxygen and high sulfur generates oxidation reaction or sulfide reaction and lead to luminous decay ;When silver solder in welding, also easy to fall off because of the improper operation.

LCBR3737 with new technology,with a big improvement of reliability,Lower the lluminous decay & better environment adaptability,easier for welding operation.

With new technology Can get more meticulous line to meet the Eutectic or Flip chip encapsulated way,has big improvement of light failure & reliability,with more competitive price,Will also bring light to other applications such as 3535 SMD .

All thanks to the persistence of the company to the continuous innovation and innovative breakthroughs of ceramic coated copper process.