Company profile

Lightspot is a company with continuous innovation and leading technology in the field of COB LED ,It's the inventor of multichip integrated technology ,also practitioners, innovators, core patent owners.

COB LED R & D history

In April 2004, Lightspot was founded , start the research and development of multichip integrated LED light source .

In 2005 , apply for the Chinese national patent "Cluster of light-emitting diode chip encapsulation method and device".

In 2006,The first generation of aluminum COB leds start mass production,light efficiency 50lm/W,The novel light mode, innovative packaging methods is grow in praise doubt & imitation in the industry,As the inventor of multichip integrated technology,The COB LED light source history begin.

In 2008 The patent of "Cluster light-emitting diode chip encapsulation method and device "is authorized by China intellectual property office .

In 2008,The second generation of aluminum COB leds start mass production,Light efficiency 70lm/W;help several LED assembly factory start the mass production of metal COB leds.

In 2009,Finish the ceramic COB technology research and development hased on HTCC sintering silver technology , trying to import to the product.

In 2010,become the first ceramic cob mass production company in China,second in the world ,The apprarance & layout of many cob become the standard products of the industry.

In 2013, As the first company of ceramic LCBR3737 square illumination space high-power products.,monomer encapsulation power more than 100 w,Make the out put of a single light source more than 14000 lm;The light source is fully compatible with the traditional copper base integrated light source,and the light failure is much better than the metal base integrated lighting source.

In 2014,Successfully develop the high cost-effective HTCC ceramic thin film substrate,compared with last generation,Can get more meticulous line to meet the Eutectic or Flip chip encapsulated way,has big improvement of light failure & reliability,The oxidation resistance & vulcanization resistance capacity reach a high level.With very competitive price.

In October 2014,On some part of the high power products (LCBR3737) import HTCC ceramic substrate thin film technology and start mass production,Keep the same price with last generation,The world's first company realize the HTCC ceramic membrane technology in COB LED encapsulation of civilian applications

Patent for Invention for COB LED
The package method and the product of multi LED chips on board. (abbreviateion COB ).
Patent No. : 2005100314322.2